Monday, November 22, 2010

Card Box

I made my own CARDS box. This ended up working very well, people knew right where to put the cards, it helped decorate the gift table, and we used it to store all the cards and very small gifts after the wedding.

after seeing lots of blog posts, forum posts and bio pages about card boxes, i decided i was NOT going to spend much money. i certaintly wasnt going to buy craft cardboard boxes at $7-$15 each. Mine was fashioned out of a printer paper box. My MIL brings these home from the office for organizing and storage. i wrapped both the bottom and top seperately. I cut a slit centered in the lower half of the lid with a craft knife. to clean up the edges of the slit, i tucked one peice of ribbon in the end of the slit, taped it from the inside and around the top. did the same on the other side. then added a length of ribbon, overlapping the first one above and below the slit. then wrapped the teal ribbon around the bottom lining it up with the top. i simply secured the wrapping paper and tape with simple scotch tape. I cut the word "Cards" out with my cricut and glue-sticked them on. The paper flowers,and rhinestone stickers were left over from my votive holder make over.

COST OF PROJECT: practically free but if i hadnt had the leftovers, would have been like $9

  • Paper flowers: leftover from other project, but the entire package was $3.99 at party depot.
  • wrapping paper: i think, $2.50 a roll at walmart. i also used it to wrap attenant gifts too.
  • ribbon: on sale at michaels for $1/roll. didnt use an entire roll
  • tape: was originally 3/$1 at dollar tree.
  • lettering: already had the paper in my scrapbook supplies.
  • glue stick: idk i had it on hand from way before
  • box: free and recycled!

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