Monday, November 22, 2010

Signature Mat, sharpies and mustard

never a fan of the traditional guest book, i knew i wanted to do something different. When i found 2 signature mats at Wal-Mart on clearance for $0.75 each, I decided that was what i was going to do.

First, i thought i would just do a little sign "please sign frame" note and put it on the table with the goodie bags. Then i was concerned with someone signing too close to the edge of the mat, that would be covered with a frame, so since we were doing well on budget (his parents offered to pay for the food sort of last minute), and since we will need to buy frames anyway, (we originally thought we would use wedding gift cards or gift cash for them, after), we decided, correction, I decided to buy some frames and put the mat in the frame for signing. The frames we bought had thinner mats in them, i swapped them out. Also, not wanting to have some sheets of glass just sitting someplace in my craft room, I decided to put the glass in the frame, under the mat, for the time being, so it would be kept safe, with the frames until after we get pictures printed.

To dress up the frames, since there wasn't a picture in the middle yet, i hand stamped the "please sign" notes for the picture openings. then just used a tiny bit of tape to hold it in place, on the back of the mat.
putting the note inside the frame worked well, because one of my groomsmen, or someone i don't really know who, took the frames from the welcome table during the reception to go to each table to make sure everyone signed it, which i was very happy about, and didn't plan on doing. Only thing, some one's hot dog signed the frame with a tiny spot of mustard... i will try to cover it or something.


  • Signature mats: 2 x $0.75= $1.50

  • Frames: 2 x i think, $15

  • Pens: 2 (2 packs) x $3something

  • stamp and ink for note: leftover from Napkin Rolls and already owned

I gotta tell ya, I really like the Sharpie Pens, they worked very well on the signature mats, no smudging and I've been using them since the wedding, and they work very well. a clean bold ink. just don't leave the cap off, I made that mistake once, it dried out :(

Also, the note inside matches other signs I made, for the cupcake flavors, bathroom door sign, and place cards for the reserved table seats.

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