Monday, November 22, 2010

Flower girl baskets.

I always knew this would be an easy peasy craft project. and I knew I didn't want it to cost a lot of money.

First i thought i would just get some $1 baskets from thrift stores, i love thrift store shopping because it can be better for the environment, (i talked about that in this post) but i decided i wanted the baskets to all match, and having 4 flower girls, i thought it would be difficult to find 4 matching baskets, used. After Eater, I bought 4 plain blue baskets.

I had just enough orange ribbon to wrap around each one and twist around the handle. then after not having enough ribbon to make bows, and not really knowing how to make bows easily, I decided to take some silk flowers I had and hot glue them on. I glued the first one on, but it wasn't centered, so i added 2 more. The flowers all started the same size, to make 2 of them smaller, i pulled the little plastic thing off the back, removed 1 and 2 layers of petals and put the plastic thing back on. The smallest flower was attached carefully to the handle so that the handle would still pivot, making storage easier.

The baskets were filled with cut up silk flowers. I would have needed 2 $10 boxes of petals, but i did the math and i got more than enough flower petals with 4 bouquets of cheap silk roses in 2 colors. Plus, my sister, who is helpful but not super crafty, needed an easy job on craft night, so she sat and cut the petals off the roses.

COST OF PROJECT = $21.75 for 4 baskets and petals.

  • Baskets 4 x $2 = $8
  • Ribbon: 1 spool for $1
  • Orange silk flowers: $0.75
  • Petals: 4 bouquets x $3 each = $12
About the flower girl dresses, they were on Clearance for $9 each at Wal-Mart. Then I decided to make a collar for our dog, so I went back to buy another, and it was only $5,
Knowing her temperament, Annie was not part of the ceremony, I just made the collar for her for fun. All I did was cut the dress just above the ruffle, and folded a wide seam, hot glued the seam shut into a sleeve, (like for a curtain rod) and slid her regular collar inside the sleeve. We got the jewel beaded leash at a pet store for her.

I told the parents the flower girls can wear whatever shoes they had already or that they wanted to get them so they wouldn't have to spend much, although $9 is pretty cheap for the dresses.

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