Friday, September 3, 2010


For our tablescapes, I got some shortish wine glasses, I will fill them with AquaGems and a floating candle. Around the glass on the table will be some votive candle holders, and maybe some glass rocks.
I got 11 votives from a past pink/orange bride on craigslist she had them decorated like this:
With help from my DIY fairies, (MOH and Aunt of the Bride) we gently ripped the pink flowers and black ribbon off of the orange paper.

Then we covered the little tear spot with a white scrapbook daisy sticker. the middle of the daisies were green/yellow so we popped little blue rhinestone stickers in the middle of them. (seen on the left, below) I had also found some blue and orange paper daisies as well so some of the votives have stickers and some have the paper flowers and some have both. (shown also with rhinestone sticker, on the right, below)

Because I need quite a few more than I got from her, I bought very similar votives in glass jars at Walmart.
While looking for some decorative blue paper, I thought about how I had to cut strips off the edge of the invitation cards to make them fit better with the invitations. And I had not yet recycled the scraps. Having precut strips of paper made the decorating process go faster. I just dabbed the end with hot glue, wrapped it around, ripped the paper to fit and glued the other end, I hid the seam with the flowers. on some, you can see that we added a contrasting ribbon as well. To bring some purple into the tablescapes, we did some with purple ribbon instead of paper. (shown at the right end, below)
Price breakdown:
votives from craigslist: $5.50 for 11
votives from Walmart: $12 for 24
blue paper from recycling: free
hot glue from craft supplies: already owned and who knows when i would have used it again
daisy stickers: used less than 3 sheets, each was $1
blue rhinestone stickers: used way less than 1 sheet which was $3
paper daisies from Party Depot: used less than 2 packs, each was 3.99
leftover ribbon from other projects: already included in other items price breakdown
grand total of $31.48 / for 35 votives = $0.90 each (a little more than I would have hoped, the paper flowers were the biggest splurge) and I have bunches more paper flowers, daisy stickers and rhinestone stickers to use on other things.
Afterthought: I really hope to be able to sell the votives to another bride (or someone) after the wedding. I would hate for them to clutter up my home or be in a landfill somewhere.

I have used these same votive holders multiple times since. I undecorated them and redecorated them for my brother's wedding, and for a bridal shower too!

before i found some rainbow stickers 

shown on corner of table with rainbow sticker. That is the cupcake tree from my wedding repurposed too! more about that here

some had simple pink ribbons and some had just a butterfly sticker, 

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