Monday, November 22, 2010

ooh goodie... bags

so i originally wasnt going to do goodie bags for the kiddos, but i love kids and was doing good on the budget and to-do list, so when i found a package of 60 mini card games like these:

for $8 at costco, i couldnt pass it up. i knew i had about 20 clear cellophane goodie bags leftover from another occastion and a big ziplock of small toys and goodies from other goodie bags and pinata, i decided to go ahead and make up goodie bags. each one had a card game deck, an orange or blue tootsie pop (we picked through the bulk candy bin at Winco for the wedding colors. 2 orange wrapped off brand peanut butter cups , a few little toys, a puzzle book, and a noise maker.

(yes my then-fiance thought i was nuts for including noisemakers, but i really wasnt worried about the noise, i trust parents not to let the kids play with them for the ceremony and wasnt worried about the reception. it was pretty casual. afterwards, i dont regret it at all, i dont remember anything negative about the goodie bags. )
i tied each bag up with ribbon, and put them all in a wrapped box lid. (some were wrapped different and were peanut free, with carmel cups instead of pb cups)
we ended up with about 10 extra. some kids got 1 at the RD and 1 on wedding day. i had gifts for all the 11 kids in my wedding, but my bridesmaid and groomsman brought their kids to the RD, and since they didnt have gifts, i gave them a goodie bag early.
since we didnt ask for exact RSVP #s I wasnt sure how many children would actually be there, but i went through the guest list and estimated if everyone brought their kids, how many i would need. i counted about 40, but since there were 60 card games, i planned to make all 60, but i only had 59 baggies.
even though i tied them with curling ribbon, it was easier to twist-tie them shut first, then add the
The bags were a big hit, and the parents were happy for the thought put into giving the kids wedding favors, no one missed not getting traditional wedding favors.

COST OF PROJECT: under $30 for 59 bags with lots of leftover goodies.

  • card games: $8 (i also saw the same things in smaller amounts in the halloween aisle at walgreens, but it was a better deal at costco, extras will be used for other goodies later.
  • baggies: i think, $2 for 50, with twist ties + some i had from before
  • candy: under $1o
  • other misc toys and puzzle books: under $10 the party aisle at walmart
  • ribbon: free, leftover from my Spring Wreath
  • box: free and recycled printer paper box lid
  • wrapping paper: leftover from Card Box and wrapping attendant gifts

Afterwards, I had quite the mess in my craft room and had to organize it, I undid the leftover baggies to store for future occasions. Possibly Christmas, since our budget wont let us get gifts for each kid individually.

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