Monday, July 19, 2010


so here are the napkin/silverwear rolls.
I thought wrapping the silverwear would make things prettier and more convienent for our guests.

here is my supplies list.

~the ink was from Joann's its a la mode brand dye ink pad in royal blue. I also got an orange one but i dont know what brand it was. The blue one i got at Michaels kept smearing, so I will use it for something else.
~the stamps were on clearance at Joann's I wasnt sure what I was going to use them for but they were only $4 and I was in a shopping mood. There are bunches of wedding quotes but we only really liked 2. the one we stamped in blue says "to love and laughter and happily ever after"
~ I already owned the stamp block but I have used the ink pad cover before when I was using more stamps than blocks I owned. So its not nessesary to buy the block. Also, I have seen the blocks in the dollar bins too.
~ I have used 2 10-yard spools of ribbon so far, i have only made about a quarter of the napkins though. the ribbon spools were on sale for 0.20 each at Michaels
~ The little charm things were included in a lot of wedding stuff I bought from a woman on craigslist. Everything I bought from her was from the Dollar Tree and it worked out that i paid .67 each item and each package of 24. What I got from her wasnt enough however so i picked up a few more packages at $1 each.
~The napkins and plasticware were from Cash&Carry

now for the steps:

stick the stamp to the block and ink, press firmly to the napkin, without rocking back and forth, then let it dry for a bit.

I found the best way to stack the silverware was knife, fork, spoon. lined up on the center of the diagonal.

fold up the bottom corner then the right corner, like a burrito.

then roll somewhat tightly, but keep it pretty. then I cut a length of orange ribbon, tied in a knot on the front of the roll.

these are the little charms i got from craigslist/dollar tree. they were tied on with the knot in the back. they came pre-tied together and on a longer ribbon that fit perfectly around the roll. initially I thought I would only use these, to save time and money, but they needed some color, and I wanted to incorporate our wedding colors so I added the orange ribbon. its worth the extra time and (very little) extra money.
When I am half way done, I will switch to orange ink with a blue ribbon. Then alternate them on the tables. This will do 2 things: A: dress up the table and 2: be more convienent for guests not to remember or carry them through the buffet line.
ribbon/ring things bought from a girl on Craigslist 6 packs of 24 $0.67 each = 3.99
ribbon/ring things bought from dollar tree 4 packs of 24 $1.00 each = 4.00
napkins bought from Cash and Carry 3 packs of 125 for $ 1.79 each = 5.37
ink pad for stamps from JoAnn's =2.79
stamps bought at JoAnn's on clearance 3.97
1/4" ribbon spools bought at Michaels 8 x 0.20 = 1.60
ink pads for stamps bought at Michaels 2 x 4.19 = 8.38
$30.13 for 350+ dinner sized napkins and I have ink and stamps that I can use for other things.
we are only going to roll up about 200 napkins, the rest will be extras.
This is the cost for just the napkins, the plasticware isnt included in the price, but they came in packages of 100 for $3.67 at Cash and Carry

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