Friday, September 3, 2010

Have our cake and eat it too!

In liu of favors, which in my opinion are often a waste of money, time, energy, and resources, we are offering the option for our guests to take home the extra cupcakes in little to-go cups.

(all you need is LOVE... and cake! )

I designed 5 different lables so they wouldn't all be the same. Kinda like the hot sauce packets at Taco Bell

(have our cake.... and eat it too) (thanks for making our day sweeter)

(how SWEET it to be loved by you...) and my fave: (you take the cake! No really, take it.)

(the colors on these images arent quite right, the orange is more orange)

The cups and lids came from a local fastfood restraunt supply store Cash N Carry

I had the lables printed on sticker paper (also known as full sheet lables) at Staples. They werent going to print them for me, they said that the machine gets too hot and it can make the stickers peel and jam in the machine, but had had such a bad time with Staples, the girl took pity on me and offered to try it. between each sheet, it took a moment to get them ready for printing, so the machine had a chance to cool down. So my tip would be to either print at home, or find out ahead of time if the printing place you go to can handle sticker paper.

My wedding craft fairies cut them out using a Fiscars shape cutter and the circle template.
(photo courtesy of google images and vickie)

the price breakdown:

the cups came in a package of 50 for 5.95
the lids were 50 for 3.99

I already had some full page sticker/lable sheets. If I didnt have them, I would have printed on regular paper and used my xyron, because sticker paper is expensive, I had gotten the paper years ago from my employer for a project where I didnt end up using them, so free to me.

I was able to fit 15 lables per page and printing was only $0.49/page at Staples. I printed 5 pages, so 2.45 total.

for all they cost $12.39 for 50 cups, less than 0.25 each.

Afterthough: Since we are hosting Thanksgiving the month after the wedding, any of the cups that arent used can be repurposed for Thankgiving leftovers rather than using ziplock bags or paper plates. In fact I like that idea so much, I might pick up another package of the containers just for leftovers.

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