Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirts and Hangers, check!

So I always thought that it was awefully silly to spend so much money on "bridesmaid" tshirts, $23 each, really? Like they will really want to wear them, right? Well shopping with my sister, my MOH, she like the idea and we found some iron-on silvery letters on clearance at Joann's. so I bought them. I needed 6 sets but they only had 5 of one style letter and 1 of another, so i decided that the MOH can be slightly different from the others. She liked the idea of being special. I told her she was already special to me. Short bus special, lol.

The personalized hangers for their gowns was another silly idea that I fell in love with. Read an inspiration blog post here.

I was able to make 5 shirts plus hangers for $32.32 so about $6.46 each person. I also had enough letters leftover to make myself a hanger and a shirt later if I find a shirt that will fit the pregnant me for a while.

I am opting not to include a step-by-step tuturial because I would basically be copying the instructions on the back of the iron-on letters package.
One tip though, it says to move the iron back and forth, not a great idea, the letters shifted slightly when I did that, it worked just fine to hold the iron in one place. For the rhinestone letters, I used the side of the iron without the steam holes so that the rhinestones wouldnt be bothered by the holes. not sure if this was nessesary...
Price breakdown:
I thought about doing tank-tops or camis but the wedding is in October in Oregon, and not all of my ladies will want to wear tanks. these shirts are large enough to wear a long sleeve shirt under also.
The 4 girls' shirts were $1.50 each on clearance at Wal-Mart. They were originally $8, then clearanced to $5 then $3 then $1.50 they are just a plain thin tshirt. Now, for my bridesman (yes he gets one too!) I bought a 3 pack of Hanes tees for $5.50.

subtotal: 4 shirts x $1.50=$6 + pack of 3 for $5.50 = 11.50
the silvery glitter iron on letters shown were $1.97 for the ones I used on the BM shirts, the MOH letters were $2.97, down from $9.99.

subtotal: 5 x 1.97 + 2.97 = 12.82
I bought 2, 5 packs of velvetty fuzzy hangers. My inspiration was done with wooden hangers, but Wal-Mart didnt have white wood hangers, and when I saw the velvety ones, i realized i didnt know if the iron-ons would even work on wood, and the silver would stand out better on the black. I opted to do all 3 initials because I have 2 L's and the letters were small enough to fit all 3.
They worked great on the velvet, just follow my tip about not moving the iron.
I wanted to have extras in case I messed one up, if I didnt mess any up, I figured I could return the 2nd pack., then I realized it was worth the extra $4 for me to have one too.

subtotal: 2 packages of hangers were $8

Grand total: shirts $11.50 + letters $12.82 + hangers $8 = 32.32 / 5 in the bridal party = $6.46 each.

And I have a hanger for myself, bunches of iron-on letters left, 4 hangers and 2 Hanes tshirts leftover. I have some ideas for the extras... I might iron-on my 4 flowergirl's initials or names onto ribbon for their baskets. or try to do "I DO" on the bottom of my shoes.

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