Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personalized Hangers?

ok so if i hadnt seen pictures and super easy tutourials, i would have thought that personalized dress hangers for my girls would be just silly, unnessasary and a waste of money.

but i stumbled across this blingy tuturial from Miss Frog at
she got inspiration from this sharpie tuturial from Mrs. Gloss

who go her inspiration from mrspaetz on this board post.

I love love love how brides get inspiration from eachother.

Well I bought some iron on letters to make "bridesmaid" t-shirts for my ladies. i'm thinking if i end up with the right extra letters to do monograms i might use the extras for this project. my letters are smaller, and 2 of my bms have the same first initial, so i'll see if i can do all 3 initials.

oooh i just got the idea that when i give them the t-shirts i can gift them on the hangers! good idea self.

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