Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bouquets initial bling

somewhere, i saw bouquets similar to these from krishnaswami08

and i loved having the initials on them.

i figured if i could find key chains or broaches or something similar for around $1 each or less it would be worth it.

on our preweddingmoon in Las Vegas i found some of these type slide on initial charms for 0.50 each (+ stupid sales tax). i got one for each bridesmaid (and one for my bridesman's bout) and a star one for myself.

then i found this picture, look closely they used the same kind of charm on their bouquet. i plan to use a darker colored ribbon to slide the charm onto so that it stands out better than this.
i might get a keychain attatchment or a bracelet base for them so after the wedding the ladies can slide the charm onto it as a keepsake. maybe. we'll see.

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