Wednesday, August 4, 2010

invitation supplies are all set out for the invitation fairys to come in the middle of the night tonight!

so i posted some invitation stuff on this post but i wanted to follow up now that i have all the supplies.

soon after we got engaged, i found some wedding items on clearance at JoAnn's. including Wilton complete invitation kits in "Keeping with Tradition" the kits come with the main invite card, and rsvp card and envelopes for both. the kits were 3.97 each.

i designed this to be printed on the cards, turned landscape instead, to be different

today, i went in to craftwarehouse to try to find some paper to back the kit cards to get a look similar to lovebuddies's invite.

based on the size of the cards, i needed 8.5x11, and lo and behold, craftwarehouse was having a sale on paper, 8 for $1 and 20% off of everything. $10.23 for all the blue backing paper.

i also love the ribbon on the side of the invite, and although i had bought a bunch of different ribbons on sale at michaels a way back, i wanted to be sure i had plenty, and the ribbon i found that i liked was 25yds for $0.80 (after 20% discount) i only needed 3 spools.

another element i really liked was the belly bands that squirrly did on her invites.

i got some orange cardstock also for a backing behind some white cardstock for the buckle thing on front of the belly band.

the plan is to print each of the guests' names on white cardstock and cut out a square or circle just smaller than the orange peice.

so i am very proud of the total cost of my invites. after hearing about some invites costing several dollars each, i wanted to keep mine under $1 each.

here is the breakdown: (has been updated since original post)

invite kits: 3 x 3.97 = 11.91
blue cardstock: 115 sheets at 0.09 each = 10.23
orange cardstock: 20 sheets at 0.09 each = 1.72
sheer silver ribbon: 3 x .80= 2.40
Printing at Staples 50 pages of invites+25 pages of RSVPs = $36.75
cardstock $14.99
double sided tape: $2.10
for 100 invites (includes extras) = 80.10
<$0.81 each invite. not counting postage.
we are going to save postage by hand delivering some invites, and doing website and phone rsvps.

I have lots of extra cardstock, which I will end up using for other things, possibly programs, or nwr stuff. I also wont likely use all the tape or ribbon. I was unable to use the invitation cards and rsvp cards that came with the 3.97 kits, only the envelopes, but I expect to use them for Thank You's and maybe menu cards.


  1. Making the invitations was definitely a labor of love, but when your guests get them they will appreciate the DIY! (or at least some of them, my brother asked why there was all that "stuff" on it. )

    I love your envelope liner with the photo- if I wasn't already married I would totally steal that idea!

    Nice blog! I found you on weddingbee :)


  2. I love invitation fairys! I just had a Food Fairy come to my house! It was super exciting, I'm telling you.... :-)

  3. i wish the envelope liner was my idea, it was not, it is squirrly's shes a moderator on theknot. im an considering stealing the idea.